In the GGMBSI.NET control panel you’ll discover an easy–to–navigate site builder that you can use to make a new, stunning site all by yourself. It’s really simple to understand, even if you aren’t technologically versed. The tool has quite a lot of design themes found in a plethora of color setups that you can change up to your liking. Last but not least, your site will look cool across mobile phones!

The site builder is present with all Linux web hosting, Linux VPS, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated hosting packages which utilize the GGMBSI.NET Web Hosting Control Panel.

A user–friendly site builder

No web development know–how is needed

The key advantage of the GGMBSI.NET’s site builder is that it is really uncomplicated. It operates with layout components which you can add, customize and re–order as you like. At any time, you can add images and videos, launch a blog, or install a shop cart on your site, all with just a click of the mouse.

You can do all that and build a modern–looking website without ever having to write a single line of HTML, CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An assortment of simple–to–customize website themes

Stylish website templates that look impeccable across mobile devices

To design the perfect site, you will need a stable foundation. That’s why, the GGMBSI.NET’s site builder offers a decent selection of distinctive templates, fit for any kind of websites – personal profiles, e–commerce stores, community boards, and so on.

Each website design is simple–to–customize, with a number of layouts, different color combinations and inbuilt support for well over a hundred different fonts. You can customize each of these options with a click. Plus, to top it all off, if at some point you decide to replace your template and go for a different one, all changes you have implemented will be carried over automatically.

An assortment of simple–to–customize website themes

Built–in help area and how–to video tutorials

Watch how uncomplicated it actually is to jumpstart a website

If you need any sort of assistance working with the GGMBSI.NET’s site builder, there are a number of step–by–step articles and video tutorials that are inspired by the most regularly asked questions.

With them, you can learn how to personalize your existing website template, how to add new pages to a site or perhaps how to embed a discussion portal.

And if you can’t discover the answer in there, you can always get hold of us. We are always there 24/7/365 and we reply to all support tickets in under 1 hour, guaranteed.

Video Tutorials